Public speaking on Innovation

I've been asked to sign up as a public speaker in Sweden to talk about Innovation. Here's a short introduction on the topics I usually talk about.

"Magnus Fasth works both as a lecturer and as an advisory consultant with a focus on innovation and development.

Magnus has twenty years of experience in managing organizational development in innovation, sales and marketing in leading Swedish industry. Magnus is a popular lecturer who positively communicates important messages and creates interest and commitment to the audience.

We work practical and business-oriented to help you in the best possible way and lead the work to create strategies and dedication to building a business with innovation in focus.

We provide suggestions on how to plan, guide and maximize the impact in both internal and external change work. He always takes the starting point of the creative workshop and how it will be shaped to achieve different goals during the change work.

Magnus leads short and long-term assignments with one and the same goal - a company that takes advantage of the employees' ideas and experiences to jointly create a successful company with competitive products, services and business models.

Lecture 1-2 hours, one or two subjects (possibly with shorter exercises)

The lecture on innovation is divided into two parts; how to create a more innovative climate and how the company can work on new ways of innovation.

Part 1 (1 / 2-1 hour):

The first part is a lot about attitude and where we find ideas for innovation. It's about trends, observation of the world around us and, above all, a new collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers.

Topics for the first part are key factors for successful innovation work; empathy, finding problems, taking risks, creativity, networking, observation, resilience and reflection.

Magnus talks a lot about the formula for creating the creative workplace. How is it that the coffee machine is where the best ideas are created?

Today there is an overriding belief that technical solutions will pave the way into the future when the big challenge really is something completely different. It is the non-technical innovation that builds successful companies, technology and digitization are of course included but operate primarily as accelerators.

Magnus examines how you, as a company with simple means, can create an organization that makes innovation a natural part of your daily work and how, as a manager, you create the right conditions for committed innovation.

Part 2 (1 / 2-1 hour):

The second part of the lecture is based on established research how product and business model can be developed to meet a changing world. He reviews 14 effective ways to strategically develop your market offer, all presented with clear, relevant and interesting examples.

The questions discussed in the second part of the lecture may be a matter for management and managers, but the presentation is designed to make these strategic choices relevant to the entire company.


- High-speed lecture / education with clear examples that make it easy to remember the message
- Spontaneous dialogue with participants based on key issues
- Underlying and methodology for the future / own development for participants and activities
- Attorneys that summarize the central points of the presentation
- Short break with reflective conversations in "beehives" for 2-4 participants to keep focus and concentration
- Possibility for participants to ask questions, during or after the lecture

All day long (6 hours):

Lectures as above supplemented with exercises in consultation with the customer.

About Magnus Fasth:

Magnus is a civil engineer, lecturer and consultant. He captivates fascinating stories with a high recognition factor and a slight scoop humor. The stories are derived from their own and others' experiences, all with the common theme of developing creative work in which strategic change is in focus.

Magnus's broad experience and understanding means that he is adept at relocating content to something that becomes concrete to all audience."

More info in Swedish can be found at Sveriges Talare.

Presentation Magnus Fasth pdf Innovation in Swedish