Setting up a webshop

Over the last couple of weeks we started a subsidiary to Sentite to promote programming for kids (and adult too of course). Initially we planned to do this with Arduino, but after some thought we figured a more package and ready to use would be a better introduction.

This Christmas our daughter got a small robot, the same that we used at CoderDojo Uppsala. After some research we realized this was why much better that we had ever imagined. It can be programmed with blocks and python, it has several sensors, precise servos and blinking lights.

The plan ahead is to translate all material provided under Creative Commons licensing. We have already finished the first 23 lessons for the blocks programming including the teachers manual. Read more about it at (a swedish blog about the Edison Robot).

If you're interested in buying a robot you should head to where we sell various packages of the Edison robot and accessories to go with the Edison robot